The Sisters of Mary is a religious congregation for women and founded by the late Msgr. Aloysius Schwartz. Upon the invitation of the late Cardinal Jaime L. Sin, D.D. then Archbishop of Manila, the congregation started its mission in the Philippines in 1985.

The Sisters of Mary works primarily by establishing boystowns and girlstowns that serve as boarding schools for deserving students coming from poor families. The institution provides food, clothing, shelter, medical care and quality secondary education intensive on technical-vocational curriculum, all free of charge.

Due to massive globalization, the congregation re-structured the secondary curriculum by having three (3) years for the high school and one (1) year Post-Secondary in TVET. This gave rise to the Sisters of Mary Technical Education Institute Cavite/Cebu, Inc. The Post-Secondary Department applied for the Unified TVET Program Registration and Accreditation System (UTPRAS).

The Sisters of Mary Technical Education Institute Cavite/Cebu, Inc. aims to provide relevant, high quality and efficient technical education and skills development through the inculcation of desirable values on moral character giving emphasis on work ethics, self-discipline, self-reliance and love of God and fellowmen.

The TVET courses offered in CAVITE schools are:

The TVET courses offered in CEBU schools are:

After the training period, the trainees undergo assessment by TESDA’s accredited assessors. Once competent, the trainees are awarded the National Certificate (NC) I or II depending on the qualification they applied for.

These training programs are embedded in any of the ladderized courses offered by state colleges and universities and private training institutions adapting the Ladderized Education (LEP) Executive Order 358.

Only the Three-Year Structured Secondary Education Curriculum graduates can enroll in the One-Year Post-Secondary TVET.